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3 Ways to Save Energy in the Workplace

The current financial climate is challenging for any business, regardless of its size. Profits margins are tightened; raw materials are more expensive and rising labour and rental costs have all resulted in many businesses feeling the pinch of the pound. We at Woolfoot Heating understand the importance of offering value to our customers (many of them are business owners themselves) and are proud of our experience and knowledge of commercial boiler installation.

Taking Care of the Pennies and Taking Care of the Pounds

Regardless of the service that any given businesses may offer, energy costs in the workplace generally fall into three main areas – costs associated with powering machinery and computers; costs associated with lighting and costs associated with heating. If a business is looking to reduce these costs over the long-term, then some of these practical tips can be implemented.

1. Powering Machinery and Computers

Any business would do well to develop a culture whereby computers, printers and machinery are turned off at the end of the working day. Indeed, the cost of continually powering a single computer and monitor for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year is estimated to be £45.

Considering the average working day is 8 hours long, this means that the cost of powering a single computer and monitor for 8 hours a day over the course of a year can be reduced to less than £15 per year – a saving of around £30 per year on each individual computer station.

Similarly, specialist machinery often requires much larger amounts of power than a computer and by strategically scheduling the use of different kinds of machinery based upon production needs, a business can make even greater savings over the duration of the year.

2. Lighting

Whilst energy efficient light bulbs can often cost up to three times as much as a standard light bulb, there are two key benefits associated with investing in these more expensive LED bulbs. LED light bulbs use 90% less energy than traditional bulbs and have an average lifespan of approximately 10,500 hours, as opposed to standard bulbs which have a lifespan of roughly 1,000 hours.

Energy efficient LED light bulbs thus effectively pay for themselves after only a few months of usage and can result in big savings over their lifetime.

3. Commercial Boiler Installation

The initial expense of commercial boiler installation should rationally be judged as an investment for the future that can help to save a business a considerable amount of money in the long-term. A new boiler that has been professionally fitted will operate at an optimum level, meaning that energy bills associated with the heating of a workplace can decrease massively over the course of a year.

Indeed, a healthy boiler requires less energy to power up and sustain heat over the course of the working day. The energy rating of a boiler can also massively affect energy usage. Thus, a new boiler will remain energy efficient for several years to come.

We are Specialists in Commercial Boiler Installation

As experts in the fields of both residential and commercial boiler installation, we will be able to help you identify what kind of boiler would best suit your business premises. We will take into consideration your heating needs, the size and orientation of your premises and the amount of usage that you will require from your boiler. By doing so, we will be able to determine what kind of boiler would be right for your business.

We have over 15 years of experience in planning and advising businesses on commercial boiler installation and we also pride ourselves on our aftercare services. Following on from any commercial boiler installation option, we also offer an annual service to make sure that your boiler remains operating at its optimum level for many years to come. Helping a business to reduce costs continually, year after year.

If you require any further information then please get in touch with our friendly team.

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