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Benefits of a new boiler installation

Benefits of a new boiler installation

The idea of investing in a new boiler may sound scary but more often than not a new boiler is a more affordable outlay as compared to continuous call out and repair bills. Replacing your boiler sooner rather than later is often the best decision both financially and practically.

Boilers have a habit of not playing ball and breaking down unexpectedly, but all too often it’s because the boiler is old. If a boiler is over ten years old, then it’s time to seriously think of replacing it.

Unfortunately, once boilers reach 10 years old they simply do not operate as efficiently as they used to. It’s not down to manufacturers sneaky tactics, but purely due to everyday wear and tear. Just think, 10 years is almost 4500 days; all of a sudden it puts it in perspective. A new boiler is one of the more expensive investments in your home, which is why you might want to put off investing in a new one straight away. However, the benefits of a new boiler installation in your home can often significantly out way the delay.

Reduce your heating and repair bills

Holding off buying a new boiler can save you some money in the short term, but you’re going to end up spending more in the long term. The longer you’ve had your boiler, the more it becomes to run and maintain.

Finding parts for an old boiler can be costly when it comes to repairs and continuous upkeep. A new boiler may have an initial outlay but what you spend on the cost of a boiler may be significantly lower than the cost of endless repairs. You could potentially gain back what you have invested in just a few years.

A new boiler will be far more efficient and you’ll save money on fuel bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save up to £360 a year by updating to a much more efficient new boiler.

You’ll be covered with a guarantee

If anything goes wrong, you’ll be covered under warranty. Most modern boilers now come with a 5-year guarantee on parts, which will give you peace of mind and cover you for all eventualities. That means that your new investment will be covered for a long period of time, just make sure to keep up with an annual service too, to keep everything in tip top condition.


Creating a sustainable world is important, and a new boiler can contribute to that in a small way. The new, popular style of boiler can end up saving you hundreds of pounds every year, demonstrating that your investment is certain to be worthwhile. Also, increased efficiency can mean that you’re spending less on your boiler and energy bills, so that you have more money to spend on the things you enjoy.

For boiler installation Leeds, homeowners and businesses readily turn to us for the comprehensive service that we offer. This includes installation, repairs and maintenance, aftercare and professional advice in relation to energy efficiency.

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