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Boiler repair or boiler replacement?

We’re all likely to experience boiler trouble at some point, and for many of us it can be a stressful time. The worries increase if you’re unsure whether your boiler can be repaired, or if you need a boiler replacement.

In many circumstances a broken boiler can be repaired swiftly and easily, but sometimes the benefits of a boiler replacement outweigh the cost of fixing it again and again.

Which begs the question, how do you know whether a boiler repair or a boiler replacement is the best course of action? Unfortunately Yorkshire boilers are no different to the rest of the country, they break down too!

Here, Woolfoot Heating will give you some guidance on what to consider when you’ve got a broken boiler, so you don’t replace it before you need to, or keep spending money on repairs when a boiler replacement is the more cost-effective solution. And remember, a Gas Safe engineer is always the best person to advise you on your specific circumstances.

Always safety first

When making a decision on your boiler, safety trumps every other consideration.

If you have an older boiler, it may not meet current safety laws and regulations. Even if an engineer could fix your broken boiler, it may still be potentially unsafe and prone to problems. At worst, your boiler could be at risk of producing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Once your boiler has been fully checked and it is definitely safe to continue using, only then should you consider the other factors that will impact on whether your broken boiler should be repaired or replaced.

Could you make long-term savings?

Even if the fault with your boiler can be fixed, a new boiler may be significantly more energy efficient than your old one.A more efficient boiler will heat your home more quickly, uses less fuel and is better for the environment.

So before agreeing and paying for boiler repairs, think about whether now might be a good time to replace your boiler and make efficiency savings.

It might take a year or two to recoup the outlay, but in the longer term you will save money. If your boiler is already a modern, energy-efficient model, simply having it repaired by a registered professional is likely to be the best course of action to get your home warm and cosy again.

How much will a repair cost compared to a boiler replacement?

For some older models, the cost of a boiler repair could be as steep as replacement parts and are no longer easily available.

You also need to bear in mind that repair costs for an old boiler will only increase over time. But if the boiler repair is simple and the cost is relatively low, then of course this may be the best choice.

And remember, many newer boilers may still be covered by a warranty. This can cover the price of replacement parts, and in some cases even labour costs.

The potential expense of boiler repair always needs to be balanced against whether replacing it could actually be a more cost-effective solution.

How often does your boiler break down?

If boiler breakdowns are happening regularly, then replacing it with a new model may be the best option. Plus if the boiler is out of warranty, you’ll need to keep covering the full cost of dealing with these regular issues.Whatever the case, if you have a broken boiler then a professional gas engineer will help you weigh up the options.

Are you looking for professional and reliable Yorkshire boiler repair and installation?

Woolfoot Heating are Leeds boiler experts and can repair all types of boiler, no matter how old. We also offer Yorkshire’s longest guarantee on new boilers. Find out more here.

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