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Energy and Cost Saving Tips for Businesses

Wintertime can be both a magical time and a stressful time of the year for businesses, as the footfall naturally increases, stock management can become hectic and customers are desperate to find the perfect Christmas gift.

Energy-Draining Strain

For businesses in the UK, it also means that they are consciously making sure they keep on top of their energy bills. Naturally, these bills can increase in cost. This is down to the frequent use of central heating systems in order to keep the staff and customers warm. What this also achieves is minimising the risk of damp settling into the structures of the building.

If you operate a small business, covering your energy bills throughout the winter months can have a large financial impact on how you run your company. That’s why we are here to give you some tips on how to conserve your energy efficiently so you’re not having to fork out on the gas and electric.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some handy energy saving tips!

Some Handy Tips


A lot of your heating could be escaping through gaps in your walls and doorways, so you can combat this by sealing up any gaps you may have. This is a small fix, but the potential in terms of savings can make a big difference.

Energy Saving Bulbs

People tend to moan about how long it takes energy saving bulbs to fully light up a room, but if you purchase the rights ones you could dramatically reduce your energy bills. For example, if you use standard halogen bulbs, you’re looking at 40w per bulb. However, with energy saving bulbs, you can purchase some that run as low as 5w. This reduction in wattage can work in your favour when it comes to your energy consumption, especially if you have light fittings that require multiple bulbs.

Standby Appliances

A mistake that people make is to think that by turning the appliances on standby they don’t use energy – wrong! Having appliances that aren’t fully switched off still use a portion of your energy and could start to rack up a few quid in the long run, so make sure your appliances (if not in use) are fully switched off. Except the kettle. You never switch the kettle fully off. Hot brews in winter on tap, please!

Commercial Boiler Repair

Arguably one thing that everybody should do if you’re a business owner is service your boiler. This ensures that it is running at an optimum capacity and you don’t face the nightmare scenario of it packing up at the worst time of the year!

commercial boiler repair is easy to arrange and is always carried out by an experienced professional. Should they spot something that needs repairing, contact us now and find out how Woolfoot Heating could be your guardian angel this Christmas!

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