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Five things to consider before buying a new boiler

Searching for a boiler replacement can be an expensive and complicated process.
And with an average UK boiler installation costing in the region of £3,000-£5,000, you don’t want to make a costly mistake.

Here are five key factors that you need to consider before taking the plunge and buying a new boiler:

1. Reliability

It’s a fairly straightforward point – the more reliable your new boiler, the less money you’re likely to spend on costly repairs.
The current average cost of a boiler repair is £210 – which is a good reason to pick a reliable manufacturer.
It may cost £100-£200 more to install a top brand, but with extended boiler guarantees and less reliable brands of boiler causing problems as little as two years after being fitted, this could save you 10 times that amount over the next decade in terms of boiler maintenance.
Do some research, check online reviews and get your own understanding of which brands are the most reliable and need the least boiler maintenance, and how long the boiler guarantee is.

2. Which type do I need?

The three most common types of boiler installation in UK homes are the combination boiler, system boiler and the heat-only boiler.
The right one depends on the kind of home you live in, and your energy usage.
For example, a small apartment with one bathroom will require a different kind of boiler to a large multiple-occupancy home.
The most common choice for a boiler replacement is the combination, which heats water as you need it and doesn’t use a storage tank.
Heat-only boilers have a cylinder that stores hot water for later use, as well two other tanks that are usually installed in the loft.
A system boiler also stores hot water in a cylinder, but it is usually pumped and does not need the two tanks in the loft.
This takes up less space and is probably more suitable for larger properties with high demand for hot water at peak times.
It’s important to really think about your needs and pick a boiler that’s right for you.

3. How efficient is my new boiler?

If you’re still using an older boiler, it could have an efficiency rating as low as 55 per cent.
Most newer boilers are A-rated for efficiency (more than 89 per cent), and upgrading could save up to £300 a year on your gas bill and could cut down on boiler maintenance.

4. Get your boiler engineer’s opinion … but exercise caution

Gas engineers can be a great source of information during the boiler-buying process and they can help you choose the type and size of boiler replacement you need.
But do bear in mind that some engineers may only install boilers from particular brands, and may have been incentivised to do so.
You need to be confident that they are recommending a brand and type of boiler that benefits you, rather than them.

5. Always use a Gas Safe Registered engineer

In order to carry out work on gas appliances, all engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.
This means that they have all the relevant qualifications needed to complete your boiler replacement legally and safely.
You should always check that the engineer is on the Gas Safe Register before you agree a new boiler installation.
If your boiler isn’t properly installed it could cause serious problems, invalidate your boiler guarantee and leave you cold and out of pocket.

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