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How to Help Prevent a Boiler Breakdown

Repairing something in your home can be either be a pain, or it may have the potential to be a nice little side-project in your own time. However, it goes without saying that boiler repairs are never fun. They can become costly depending on the issue and the disruption it may cause can become a nuisance.

That’s why it’s important to keep your boiler happy. So, if you want a peaceful winter this year and for years going forward, take a look at some of our handy tips to help prevent a boiler breakdown. This could be the difference between warm winters and having to reach out to a heating engineer.

Watch Your Pressure

In other words, don’t put your boiler under strenuous working conditions. When a boiler is working below pressure, it becomes more costly to run because it works twice as hard to try and heat the home. The ideal pressure for a boiler is between 1 and 1.5 on the gauge. In any case, whether it’s high or low, the pressure of your boiler is pivotal to your home’s temperature and your monthly energy bills.

It’s easy to check your boiler’s pressure, just have a look at the built-in gauge on the front. If you’re knowledgeable about pressure adjustment, you could perform this yourself. However, an underlying problem may require the help of a heating engineer Leeds based professional.

Switch it Off!

If this is something you do already, then good on you! If not, this next tip is handy moving forward. When the weather warms up during summer, there is no need for you to fire up your boiler unless it is necessary. What this does is give your boiler a much needed rest, whilst the naturally warmer air heats your home. If you have a combi-boiler, you can simply switch it to hot water only.

To keep your boiler healthy, it is recommended during summer to turn it on once a month for around 15 minutes. Otherwise, your pipes and system could falter due to lack of use.

Give it a Flush

No, not your toilet. Over time, your boiler will inevitably accumulate a build-up of sludge. This only naturally affects how efficiently your system performs. A heating engineer can help by giving it a power flush. By flushing out the debris and sludge from your boiler, pipes and radiators, you can get the most out of your boiler’s performance. Not only that, it also enhances your boiler’s life span!

Heating Engineer Leeds

If you want a peaceful winter so you can enjoy the festivities, consider a boiler repair plan with us at Woolfoot Heating. Starting from as little as £20 a month, you can ensure any repairs required will be covered. That way, you’re not forking out on expensive replacements or repair jobs. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.

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