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The signs you may need a new boiler

Is your boiler constantly breaking down? If yes, it may be time for a boiler fix or even, a new boiler completely.

It can be difficult to pin-point the exact time to change your boiler, however here at Woolfoot Heating, we have compiled 10 signs to look for when thinking about buying a new boiler.

1: It breaks down frequently

If your boiler is constantly breaking down, this a key indication that it is time to look for a new one.

Boilers are prone to break down every so often, however if this is becoming a regular occurrence, there is probably a bigger issue at hand.

2: The boiler is leaking

If your boiler is leaking or dripping, this could also indicate that it is time for a new one. There are many reasons why leaking occurs, such as your pressure valve may be broken.

Corrosion over a long period of time could also cause leaks around the pipes, causing a broken boiler.

However, if it is just a single valve that appears to be corroded, you can contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to fix this for you through boiler maintenance, without needing a completely new boiler.

3: You can smell gas

If a boiler has been badly fitted it is likely that gas will leak from the gas hose around the seal.

It is always advised that you make sure all of your gas appliances are installed  by an accredited Gas Safe registered engineer just in case you need a boiler fix.

4: The heating system in your home is noisy

Boilers and heating appliances make all sorts of sounds. However it is always best to make sure that these sounds aren’t affecting how your boiler is performing overall.

If you hear humming, vibrating or banging, this could mean that a bigger fault may be at hand.

5: Your heating bill has increased

If your heating bill has increased, this could be another sign that you need a new boiler or a boiler fix. Boilers are rated on efficiency, meaning that a less efficient boiler will cost you more.

Therefore, if your heating bill has increased in price, it is more than likely that your boiler is becoming less efficient.

6: The boiler flame is yellow

If your boiler turns from blue to yellow, this means that you need to have an immediate service or repair.

If this happens regularly, it may mean that you have a broken boiler. See if you’re eligible for a free boiler service by contacting us.

7: The boiler is 10 years old or older

So, when is it the right time to say goodbye to your broken boiler? It is recommended that you replace your boiler every 10 years at least. Boilers can have a lifespan of 10-15 years. A brand new one could provide you with a better quality of heating and hot water, so it is advised that you change your boiler sooner rather than later.

8: Your boiler keeps switching off

Boilers can switch themselves off for numerous reasons. It could be to do with low water pressure, a closed value causing a lack of water flow or even faulty thermostat. Either way, it could be serious and could potentially cause you to need a new one. This can also be a sign you need a boiler fix.

9: It is rated less than A for efficiency

It is estimated that around 60% of your energy bill goes into heating up your house, so making sure that your boiler is as efficient as possible will not only reduce your monthly bill, but also it will rescue your likelihood of having to buy a new one.

If you are dealing with a broken boiler and allow it to go unnoticed, you may see your heating bill creep up.

Thank you for reading our article on the signs you may need a new boiler. If you think you may need to contact one of our expert team members to fit a new boiler, please click here.

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