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When Should a New Boiler Be Serviced?

Your new boiler is installed and everything is running as smoothly as possible. It is providing plenty of heat and there are no other problems, but the question still arises of when you should have it serviced. Should you wait until problems arise to be fixed, or should you make sure you get it serviced regardless of whether or not you are experiencing problems with it? Here at Woolfoot Heating, we recommend regular servicing for your boiler.

Annual Maintenance

The general consensus is that you should have your boiler serviced once every year, regardless of whether or not it needs repair. This preventative maintenance can help to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Any boiler will experience wear and tear over team and parts can become worn or broken, and need replacing. The cost of having your boiler serviced by a boiler servicing company can far outweigh the cost of having it repaired or replaced, making it a wise investment.

Annual maintenance is often best done during the summer time. This is largely because the boiler is not usually being used as much as it would during the winter. It is best to make sure your boiler is in great condition for when the colder winter months do finally arrive. Regardless of how new your boiler is, though, or when it was last serviced, problems can still arise.

Falling Inefficiency

Does your boiler seem to be taking longer to work than before, or that water or radiators don’t get as hot as they should? If so, it might be time to contact your local boiler servicing company. Over time, your boiler can become less efficient than it used to be and not able to perform as well as it should. Not only can this lead to you not getting the heat that you need, especially during winter, it can also end up costing you in electricity bills. Such problems can also get worse the longer you leave them, so it is best to get them dealt with as soon as you notice something is wrong.

Nip it in the Bud

Having your boiler checked because it appears to be less efficient could also reveal potentially larger problems that might otherwise get missed. As before, getting the problem identified and fixed quickly will help avoid much larger pay-outs at some point in the future.

Overall, it is best not to wait until something goes wrong before having your boiler serviced. Get it serviced once a year and that should be enough to keep it working efficiently and smoothly. It can also help to add a few years to the overall life of your boiler, hopefully without having to pay any large repair bills along the way.

If you think that it might be time to get your boiler serviced, contact Woolfoot Heating today and see how we can help.

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