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4 Ways Your Employees Can Contribute to Your Energy Efficiency

It is well known that the planet we live on is being affected by the pollutants we pump into the atmosphere. That, along with the destruction of natural habitats, are causing destruction and causing the temperature of the planet to rise.

This could have disastrous consequences if not dealt with in time. The good news, though, is that we can do something about it and that includes us on a personal level. This includes encouraging your staff to use energy more efficiently to reduce demands on polluting power plants.

Shut that Door!

Open doors and windows are often the main culprits when it comes to wasteful energy usage. Leave them open and heat (or cold) can escape, causing your heating or cooling system to have to work harder. Remind your staff to keep doors and windows closed when they are not being used and use signs to help people remember. Doing so could help to reduce your energy bills and also contribute to saving the planet.

Switch Everything Off

Encourage your staff to turn off anything when it is not being used. This means lights, computers, printers, kettles and anything else that might be using electricity. It may be necessary to leave some items (such as fridges) on overnight but you can invest in energy efficient appliances that help reduce bills and reduce demand on the power grid.

Encourage Laptop Use

A laptop will use around half the energy of a desktop computer, so try to encourage your staff to use them where possible. This might mean investing in some laptops for people to use, but this could save you money in the long run and staff could also use them to work from home occasionally.

Remember also that larger monitors use more power so use smaller ones when suitable. Also, make sure you are using equipment and software that automatically turns off or ‘sleeps’ to reduce power usage.

Commercial Boiler Repair Leeds – Use Heating Sensibly!

It can be easy for staff to switch on the heating at work, so it is often done without much consideration. Try to encourage staff to use heating only when necessary to avoid using power needlessly. Before switching on any heating, they should always make sure that any doors and windows are closed first.

Don’t be too tight on the purse strings when it comes to saving energy though. If you leave your boiler off for too long in cold weather the pipes may freeze up and cause damage. As commercial boiler repair Leeds based specialists we can tell you from experience – it only takes a day or two of icy cold weather to cause issues!

Overall, reducing energy use is largely a matter of common sense. With a little effort, you could help bring down your bills quite considerably.

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