Viessmann is a leading international manufacturer of domestic boilers and commercial and industrial heating, cooling and energy systems. Viessmann offers a range of boilers including combi, gas, oil and biomass boilers. If you have a Viessmann boiler or heating system then Woolfoot can take care of repairs, maintenance and servicing. If you are looking for a new boiler or heating system, then our expert engineers can talk you through the benefits of Viessmann products and the different options available. Contact Woolfoot today to discuss any boiler or heating requirements you have for your home or business.

Woolfoot & Viessmann

Woolfoot Heating is a trained installer of Viessmann products. This means we have undergone specific training to advise, install and maintain all Viessmann boilers. We believe that understanding leading manufacturers and their individual products enables us to offer a better service to our customers. Not only are we knowledgeable in which solutions are the best for your needs, we can also install to a high standard in line with the manufacturer’s specification. Any services or repairs that we carry out are guaranteed and we ensure that the warranty remains valid by using quality parts and components. Using a Viessmann trained installer to install your boiler also gives you the option of an extended warranty.

Why choose Woolfoot?

At Woolfoot, we have worked hard to retain the values we were founded on. We provide a friendly, professional, high-quality service always giving honest advice to our customers. Our engineers are industry experts who have been trained to the highest standards. We offer a wide range of services to ensure that we are able to offer exactly what our customers need. All of our work is carried out safely and with attention to detail. We never compromise on quality. If you have any boiler or heating requirements, from installation to ongoing servicing, then we can help. We even offer market leading credit products to help you manage the cost.

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