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Is your boiler winter ready?

As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it’s time to start thinking about switching on the heating.

Before you do, there are a few things you should check to make sure your system is safe to use and running correctly.

Detecting faults early allows you to resolve any issues before the temperature drops even more. After all, the last thing you want is a home without heat over the winter months.

Before you switch your heating on

There are a few checks to carry out before you even switch your heating on to make sure you are prepared and your boiler is safe to use.

Locate your boiler manual & warranties

If you have any problems getting your boiler up and running the user guide may provide the answers. If your boiler isn’t working correctly then you need to know if you are protected in any service plans, warranties or breakdown cover that you have.

Check flues and ventilation

When your boiler is in use, combustion gases are released that need to be expelled safely. Any blockages to the ventilation systems will prevent escape and this is very dangerous. Before you switch your system on, check that nothing is blocking the air supply to or from your boiler. If in doubt contact a professional heating engineer.

Check your carbon monoxide detector

Check that you have carbon monoxide detectors in place and test them to ensure they are working properly.

Switch on your heating

If you have had your heating switched completely off over the summer then you should run it for short periods in the autumn. Try running it for a couple of hours each week.

Check for soot

Check around your boiler for any soot marks. These could indicate a problem with the boiler or the ventilation and your boiler could be dangerous to use. If you notice any marks contact a qualified heating engineer.

Check for leaks

Check around your boiler and all your radiators for any evidence of leaks. Water leaking from your pipes means there is a fault somewhere and this could lead into something serious if you don’t rectify it.

Bleeding radiators and power flushing

If your radiators aren’t warming up properly then you may need to bleed them. It could be beneficial to power flush your system as this will flush out built-up residue, sludge and sediment so your system runs more efficiently.

Insulate pipes

If your condensate pipe is on an outside wall then you should insulate it. If the temperature drops below freezing then the liquid in the pipe will freeze and your boiler will shut down.

Get a professional service

Ensuring your boiler and heating system is running correctly is important. Not only does it mean that your system is using energy efficiently which saves you money, it also means that your boiler is safe for use.

A professional heating engineer will check your boiler, central heating system and ventilation and make sure that everything is as it should be. They prevent unexpected breakdowns by making repairs and resolving any minor issues.

If there are serious faults with your boiler then you may need a replacement. It is better to get this done before the winter hits so your family is warm and safe when the temperature drops.

Keeping you warm every day

If you want to get your boiler winter ready then contact Woolfoot Heating. We will carry out a full inspection and service of your system. We can also power flush your system to ensure everything is running efficiently.

If you need a replacement boiler then we can install a system that meets your needs. We even offer market-leading credit products to help you spread the cost.

Don’t leave it too late. Keep your home and family safe and warm this winter. Contact Woolfoot Heating today.

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