Boiler Repairs Leeds & Yorkshire

As experts in boiler repairs in Leeds and Yorkshire, at Woolfoot Heating we pride ourselves on our ability to repair all types of boiler – regardless of age.

Authorised and regulated and with decades of experience in boiler repairs all over Yorkshire; customers in Leeds, Grassington, Harrogate, Selby, Skipton, Settle, Washburn, and Wharfedale have all experienced our emergency boiler repair services in a timely and efficient manner thanks to our dedicated team of gas safe registered engineers. Our boiler repair experts will give advice on whether we believe your gas boiler is likely to encounter issues with future use. We will talk you through the relevant boiler repair options to fix the problem as well as any potential ongoing care that may be required. Customers can also find peace of mind in the fact that we are registered in England and any repair work our boiler engineers undertake has a 30-day guarantee.

Leeds Central heating repairs & power flushing

There are many things that can cause a boiler problem or heating systems to degrade. If you’re experiencing problems with your central heating system, hot water, or radiators, one of our heating engineers can help. As well as repair work, we also offer a power flushing service to make your boiler more efficient. A process that involves the removal of sludge and sediment build up in your pipes, power flushing also improves heat circulation in your radiators and pipes to get the heating in your home back to full working order and reduces the risk of costly future boiler repairs or full boiler breakdowns. Get in touch today, to speak with one of our expert engineers and receive a no-obligation price quote.

Boiler services in Leeds, west yorkshire

Reactive boiler maintenance can be unavoidable – especially with an old boiler or gas appliance – but with ongoing care from one of our gas safe registered engineers, you reduce the risk of boiler breakdown leading to emergency repairs and complete plumbing and heating system failures in your home. Regular boiler servicing and care inspections also reduce the risk of carbon monoxide leaks and the need for future repairs to ensure your family home is gas safe. If you’ve recently had a boiler installation, then a service plan also ensures your warranty remains valid. With a range of ongoing service plans to keep your systems running as efficiently as possible, a boiler repair service can save the trouble of a future heating issue or a problem related to gas safety. Visit our contact us page and call us today to discuss a cover plan, a repair or a one-off boiler service and a member of our fully qualified team will be with you shortly. Calls may be recorded for training purposes.

More about our boiler servicing

Common boiler issues

  1. Leaking – When boilers leak, the issue is typically caused by an error with the internal components. Pressure relief valves are often the cause of leaks when internal pressure becomes too high. As well as this, pump seals can also become worn, leading to internal leaks. A leak that has developed around system pipes could also be caused by corrosion, which is commonly the result of faulty installations. We recommend that you consult a trained engineer for more information to help identify and fix this issue and reduce the risk of a repair being needed in the future.
  2. Frozen condensate pipe – Your system’s condensate pipe is where the condensate from your boiler travels to your outside drain. During periods of cold weather, however, the condensate can freeze, causing a blockage to occur in the pipe. A common issue in homes where the condensate pipe is fitted externally, when condensate reverts back up to the boiler, a repair is needed. A trained engineer would be able to identify and repair these issues.
  3. Age – Rust and corrosion build-up is far more common with boilers over ten years old. This, combined with stress on pipes and components that comes with consistent use over time, can lead to multiple leaks and the need for future repair work. An engineer would be able to evaluate your boiler and determine if it can be repaired, what future heating services are needed, or if its necessary to install a replacement.

What areas do we cover?

Our boiler engineers pride themselves on offering a service to ensure our customers are happy and their boilers and central heating systems ticking over nicely. Whether you’re looking for a domestic or commercial boiler repair, our professional gas safe engineers offer a range of services and cover a variety of locations not only in the local Leeds area but a variety of North and West Yorkshire towns including:

  • Grassington
  • Harrogate
  • Kirkby Overblow
  • Knaresborough
  • Leathley
  • Leeds
  • Selby
  • Settle
  • Sicklinghall
  • Skipton
  • Washburn
  • Wharfedale
  • Wakefield

Contact a member of our reliable customer service team here or phone 0330 113 8555