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Boiler in winter time

Is your boiler struggling this winter?

With the UK now in the middle of the winter, there are homes all over Yorkshire and the rest of the country using central heating to warm their homes.  As we are nearly all dependent on our boilers during the winter months it is important to be aware of how it is performing any unusual behaviour that could potentially cause a larger problem.

Here are some great tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your boiler both in terms of performance and value this winter.

Service your boiler every year

An annual boiler service is one of the simplest way to avoid a boiler breakdown or identify any issue earlier or before it causes a bigger problem. Boilers should be serviced every year, not only to ensure that it is performing properly but to ensure that they are safe and efficient for everyone in your home.

A regular boiler service is the easiest way to avoid boiler breakdowns and make sure everything is in top working order. It is best to get your boiler checked before the cold weather really kicks in, so you can be assured that your boiler is in great working order just when you need it however, if it hasn’t been serviced in a while, get it done now.

Check your pressure and radiators

Make a conscious effort to check your boiler’s water pressure to check if it needs topping up or if the pressure needs reducing. If the pressure is too low, you may be able to bring it back up to the right pressure without any difficulty, but if it is too high, you might need to speak with a Gas Safe engineer.

Also, make sure that all of your radiators are performing to their max. If air is trapped in the radiator, then it will not warm up as well as it would if it was full of water and might not even properly warm up at all. The radiators need bleeding to remove the air, then the central heating should be able to circulate to its full potential.

Get it flushed

Over time, your boiler will inevitably accumulate a build-up of sludge which can affect how well water can move around the system. A heating engineer can help by giving it a power flush to clear out the debris and sludge from your boiler, pipes and radiators. This ensures that you get the most out of your boiler’s performance. Not only that, but it also enhances your boiler’s life span!

Is your boiler winter ready? If not too late to talk to our team at Woolfoot Heating to see how your boiler could be performing more efficiently for you and your family.

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