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Why your boiler keeps your business running

They may be out of sight and often out of mind, but commercial and industrial boilers are among the most important parts of any workplace.

Without an efficient and fully functioning boiler, work might slow down or even stop altogether as they are designed to run behind the scenes and keep building temperatures comfortable.

With a typical useful working life of more than 15 years, it’s crucial to choose a commercial boiler that’s right for your organisation. And just as importantly, it’s vital to keep your commercial boiler serviced and in good condition.

Here are some tips that may help when it comes to commercial boiler installation, service and repair.

Your commercial boiler needs to be energy efficient

Choosing a commercial boiler that’s energy-efficient is a simple way to make your business operations more environmentally-friendly.

And in terms of simple economics, an energy-efficient commercial boiler can also significantly cut down on your fuel bills.

‘Efficiency’ refers to how well the boiler converts fuel into heat, and it’s best to go for a commercial boiler with the highest percentage efficiency rating.

All boilers sold in the UK must clearly labelled with efficiency and performance information, so you can check and compare.

A professional engineer can also offer advice and help you weigh up the options.

Size is important

Getting the size and fuel type of your commercial boiler right is vital. If you choose a model that’s too large or unnecessarily powerful you’ll pay higher bills than you need to.

Conversely, a boiler that’s too small won’t provide enough heat to warm your workplace.

Think about what it will be used for, as well as the amount of space it heats up, your layout and the number of radiators in the system.

There are many types of fuel available, but natural gas is a common choice.

Oil boilers can last longer, up to 25 years in some cases, but LPG (liquid petroleum gas)  boilers have the lowest up-front cost out of the three main options.

Commercial boiler installation

If your commercial boiler installation looks difficult and unusual, the installation costs might rival the price of the boiler itself.

A dedicated boiler room that’s conveniently located can make the process quicker, and you also need to consider if any adjustments to existing pipework need to be made so it can connect properly with your boiler.

Maintenance and servicing

Choosing and installing is only the beginning – you need a regular commercial boiler service to ensure that you have the most effective and efficient systems in place for your business, and that they run to their maximum potential at all times.

A commercial or industrial boiler represents a major investment, so it should have a reliable and long-lasting warranty.

Many gas professionals also offer commercial boiler service plans that are designed to reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend the life of your commercial boiler and heating equipment.

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