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4 ways to save energy in the workplace

4 Ways to Save Energy in the Workplace

For any business it is important to keep control on overheads and tighten profit margins where possible in order to succeed. As we all feel the pinch on the pound it is important to access how you can save energy in the workplace. Its not just about popping on a jumper when it starts to get cold, rather ensuring your business is properly equipped with the correct tools and solutions in place to thoroughly heat and insulate your property. From eco-friendly commercial boiler installation to handy tips and tricks, we’ve got lots of ideas to save energy in the workplace.

Keep the cold air out

Rather than having to rely on a heater, you should make sure that your business is properly insulated. Seal gaps around windows and draught-proof wall cavities throughout the building to keep the cold air out and the warm air in.

Encourage common sense

If a room feels cold, check windows are closed before reaching for the heating controls. If it’s warm and stuffy, turn the heating off before you open a window. A smart building management system can automate controls like this to keep rooms at a comfortable temperature in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Invest in a new boiler

The initial expense of new commercial boiler installation may seem expensive but the long term benefits often significantly out way the initial cost outlay. A new boiler that has been professionally fitted will operate at an optimum level, meaning that energy bills associated with the heating of a workplace can decrease massively over the course of a following years.

A healthy and fully functioning boiler requires less energy to power up and sustain heat over the course of the working day. The energy rating of a boiler can also massively affect energy usage and will remain energy efficient for several years to come.

Get a smart meter

Smart meters will help your business to save energy, identify costly energy outlays and manage costs. A business electricity smart meter uses the same technology as mobile phones to send suppliers meter readings remotely, securely and reliably.

By having your monthly meter readings, you can make sure your bills are more accurate and help you manage your energy usage.

As experts in the fields of both residential and commercial boiler installation, we will be able to help you identify what kind of boiler would best suit your business premises. We will take into consideration your heating needs, the size and orientation of your premises and the amount of usage that you will require from your boiler. By doing so, we will be able to determine what kind of boiler would be right for your business.

We have over 15 years of experience in planning and advising businesses on commercial boiler installation and we also pride ourselves on our aftercare services. Following on from any commercial boiler installation option, we also offer an annual service to make sure that your boiler remains operating at its optimum level for many years to come. Helping a business to reduce costs continually, year after year.

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